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Ishmeal Alfred MorganHeritage (SIERRA LEONE)

Excellent service and amazing team. Shivika is a trusted and amazing woman who has been supportive to our small project that is sending children to India for major surgeries we applied medical visa for India. Thanks to your team for helping us to save the lives of poor sick children by facilitating our visa processing very fast

Mohamed Bile (USA)

your India visa services were excellent, I can say it was the best service I have ever experienced because the time is always important, and you serve us much earlier than we expected, thank you very much for your amazing services.

Philline bliss paulin (UAE)

Very amazing and quick assistance for India eVisa from Shivika. Thanks a lot again Shivika for all you help.

Ron Levy (Canada)

They're very patient and understanding and very helpful

Itzik Miller (Iraland)

To be honest, this is the first time that I received a quick, friendly, and kind response to my visa request. I hope we get service providers like the one I received. Thank you very much and keep it up.


I have tried several times and for 5 days to pay for my e visa application online � it will not process the payment � I have tried debit and credit cards and had to complete 4 new pplications after 3 tries I have tried with different cards � by phone � cleared browser etc Tried to call +91-22-27523796 but always busy or someone answers and hangs up SBI technical support center at 1800221401 does not work from uk Have done 5 applications and been blocked I found website. i was write a email to helpdesk of they replied within 5 mins. I applied e tourist visa application on that website and get my eVisa within 48 hours. thank you very much smith for your... help God bless you..!

David Burton (UK)

I had an awful experience with official e-Tourist Visa site refusing to take payment online. The helpdesk referred me to SblPay 'technical support' (2 tel numbers). After 100 unsuccessful (no answer) calls I gave up and used this agency, paying by Paypal. Visa received after 24h. I have the visa. Would recommend this site as legitimate - I cannot fault the service. Holiday now back on !!

Edward Fleming (UK)

I had completed my eTV application but I cannot get through the payment, it was keep declining and I didn't know why. I was trying to pay the Indian visa fee online for India, but when I did try and pay via online visa fee payment I tick yes and pay now..and it says payment failed and payment not received and try again through e-tourist visa (eTV), which I have tried on a number of occasions and get the same result. It just says "payment not made" and does not go to the page where you put you card details. I was still unable to pay for my visa via e-tourist. I was search in google and get website they help me getting visa. I applied visa application on and get granted letter in 24 hours. You guys are giving superb service.

Charles David Lockyer (AUSTRALIA)

Thank you, e-Tourist visa granted! Appreciate the help and fast service.

Charity Grace (USA)

This is a Express e-Tourist Visa service specially for qualified individuals who wants a visa for the purpose of visiting India. Thank you for this easy visa processing.

DICKSTEIN (United Kingdom)

This is the first time in my entire life I was issued a Indian e-Tourist visa in the shortest possible time without going to Embassy. Definitely a great way of inviting foreign tourists to the country of the diverse cultural heritage.

Veettil (CANADA)

I did apply eTV india these for myself and my wife and it was very easy and fast. I am very impressed. Nice job on both the website design and the speed of your servers.

Robert Strang (AUSTRALIA)

Great Indian Visa application! Used it for the 2nd time and I have never seen such a user friendly tourist visa application.

Rebecca Sutton (Philippines)

The E-Visa India process was remarkably simple and intuitive. I have never had such a pleasant experience applying for a evisa india. Thank you very much for creating this system.

Valentina Paz (CHILE)

Such an ease to apply for the eTV India. No confusion or complication. I have never ever experienced such simple and speed in making and receiving a Tourist Visa.

WRIGHT (Dubai)

i shocked we got visa within 24 hours and the urgent e-tourist visa india processing time is 24 hours

Divya Kapoor (France)

I Applied e-tourist visa for India, I need a urgent visa for India and they given me visa within 24 hours. They process my e tourist visa application in 24 hours and the cost of e-tourist visa is reasonable. I m very happy with this facility. Thank you

Gutierrez (Los Mochis, USA)

Applied for India e-tourist visa for my daughter, that time I have been some other places also but they were not confident about visa approval and process time 24 hours, so I was worried and searching other website for tourist visa and found facility. They told me that the processing time of e tourist visa india applications will be a minimum of 24 hours.I sent all information of documents. I have got visa in less than 24 hours. Really Nice work. Thanks a lot

MARIA (Philippines)

I am really impressed. I did not think I will get my tourist visa for india done before the departure of the flight. You have exceeded all expectations. Rest assured, I will pass your number to all my friends and colleagues who may at times require to avail of your assistance. You are in all true spirit and asset to your company. Keep up the good work.


I would like to congratulate and thank you on the speed and efficiency at which you have processed the e tourist visa application .. Your knowledge of the visa application processes for convinced me that you are the experts. 10/10 for ETA India visas.

Melissa (Australia)

Thank you very much for your help and guidance. I got Tourist visa for India yesterday. You guys are giving superb service. You made the most tedious india visa application process simple and hassle free :) Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot once again.


It was a great experience getting my visa approved by I was told it'll take around 4 days; but I had my tourist visa within a day. Express service.


I recently applied for a visa for India, Smith was very helpful in the whole process and Rita was a great help too ,thanks a lot and keep up good work guys.

Innes Coutts (New Zealand)

Thanks a lot for your great service that you provided during the time when I was in New Zealand and I need someone who can help me in getting urgent e-tourist visa for my wife and Son. So Many thanks to eTV services and Smith for all your support and help�. Wishing I will contact you again in Future�

Om Saptarshi (AUS)

Although I had trouble due to a web page crash when making my payment the first time the speed of response from your staff in responding to my email enquiries was brilliant. They should be congratulated on their professionalism. the e tourist visa india processing time is 24 hours.

Hayward (USA)

It is one of the most friendliest and easy web site to apply for eVisa or the fee of e-tourist visa is fine. My congratulation the the to develop such an easy and user friendly website process visa application in 24 hours.. Job extremely well done.


I received the e-tourist visa india. Thank you so much for being so accomodating to my urgent tourist visa request and had it done so fast within 24 hours. I am impressed. I will definitely recommend your service to all my friends.

Adam (USA)

Hello, we have just been back from India. Found the etourist visa process excellent and was granted 30 days from the date of arrival in India. Thank you for all the help. I will recommend you to all my friends. Best regards

Fuller (Australia)

Hello Mr. Smith, I write this message to say thank you so much for your assistance in getting my e tourist visa to India. We had a great trip in your beautiful country. Yours faithfully


I would like to say thank you to India tourist Visa for your very fast and professional service to Rita and your fast service allowed me holidays in India. Thank you again. I will be using your company for our next trip.

Renner (Australia)

I have received urgent tourist visa for india. Thank you very much. I was amazed and pleased at the reasonable prices and fast visa service. Be assured I will be using your excellent service again in the future.

Morris (USA)

I am a senior citizen who never uses the computer for anything other than e-mail so you can imagine how intimidating the thought of completing an online india visa application was for me and the wife. Thanks to the agent who worked with us, the application was filled out quickly and accurately. We received indian e-tourist visa in 24 hours and are looking forward to our dream trip to India. We were amazed at how reasonable your costs of e Tourist visa were.


Thanks you so much for all your work in getting our India e visa set up. It is a great relief to know all we have to do is present the approval letter which I received today and our visa granted. Your team was very helpful at working through the process with peopled like us who do visa online. We will tell all our friends how user friendly your site it.

Abudlrahman (USA)

I was really worried about filling this in as I have never done it before but it was very easy and the step by step instructions are great. Thanks for making it easy!

Fleming (USA)

Thanks for your service, I got the visa when I need the most, your urgent e tourist visa for india service is commendable. Cheers!


Quick India tourist visa service provided by your company. Appreciate Smith to provide service on time.


Thank you very much for the excellent tourist visa service and lightning fast india visa approval.

Fuller (Australia)

Thank you for your efforts in providing me with a tourist visa. Dealing with you has been a pleasure. You have asked few documents and provided the urgent tourist visa service very fast and professionally. It has been an easy transaction. Many thanks to you and your staff.

AL TAMARY (Jordan)

Thank you so much for the very fast visa processing for the indian visit visa. I will definitely tell all my friends about your great service and I look forward to getting your service again. Again, thank you for professional service.

Janssens (Australia)

Fantastic service! It was my first experience with e-tourist visa (etv) and I�m really happy. The process was so fast, I sent my documents and in one day I got my visa online. Thank you ETA India.

MARIA (Germany)

Great service! I submitted my application on Tuesday morning and received my eTourist visa on Wednesday morning. In 24h I got my visa, I�m really grateful. Next time, I�ll apply again with indian visa service, amazing job guys.

HESHAM (Canada)

The service was very fast, after I submitted my Urgent eTourist Visa online application, they immediately send me an e-mail to confirm the order and I got my eTV india visa just in one day. Thank you ETA India.

Doug (USA)

Thank you for the wonderful service. I�m really grateful for the quick visa service for my family. We got our e-tourist visa india in 24 hours. Excellent job and attentive staff!

Laura J (USA)

eTourist Visa Service saved my life, I received my "emergency visa" on time and I continued my trip attending a very important meeting.

Sherri (USA)

Thank you so much urgent indian visa service. In just 24 hours I received my visa online. The service was very friendly and attentive staff. I highly recommend eTV Visa service is fast and without hassle.

Brooklynn (Estonia)

In just over 24 hours I recieved my indian visa and am very pleased with the services that this website provided to me. Very friendly and attentive staff. I highly reccomend using for your travel needs!

M.Rasheed (Estonia)

The e visa service provided by is simple and and it is my first experience to get visa online. I appreciate and other countries also learn from this simple visa process.

Imdad Hussain (U.S.A)

Thank you very much for the excellent service and lightning fast visa approval.

Brent Van Peer (U.S.A)

Great experience; responsive and fast content delivery. Well done!.

Gene Frank (Australia)

Thank you for this opportunity to comment. We found the application process for our Visa''s to be very easy as its format is very logical and seamless through to the end when one prints out the copy of the Visas and receipt. Now looking forward to our tour of India. Thank you

Mrs Jorina Venter (USA)

Dear sir: I do not have a problem at all! When I said: ' This was a breeze!!!! I cannot believe that a e visa application can be so hassle-free and so quick' I hope I did not confuse you by using the word 'breeze'. It is an American idiom meaning 'it was so easy'. We have traveled to many countries requiring a visa and I can say with confidence that yours was the most efficient process. It took only minutes and I could do it from the comfort of our home. And the fact that you responded so quickly to my comment, even though meant to be a compliment, shows your efficiency and responsiveness. We will be visiting India for more than two weeks in August and am looking forward to it. Thank you again.

Guenther Horst (Germany)

This is an good and easy way to apply for your visa for Indian Visa within 1 Day you are ready and have your visa.

Gudrun Magdalena (Germany)

This is by far the most efficient and convenient ETA India visa service I have ever experienced (and I travel quite a lot). Thank you!

Susukida (Japan)

I wish every Visa was as easy to get as this. Please spread this to every country! It makes it very difficult for people who like to travel to send their passports away hoping everything will be OK and they will get their passports back. Thank you!

Gagandeep Singh (USA)

A wonderful and efficient service. Why can''t other ETA India visa applications be as painless as this. congratulations

Bethany (USA)

The India etourist visa application was quite clear and very simple to fill in. The prompt acknowledgement to my e-mail address reflects an efficient process. The payment process with the receipt being provided right away is also an excellent control to indicate that the payment went through. The response from E-Visa India to indicate that the visa is ready for download also reflects efficiency and speed.

Patricia (USA)

I love the new e tourist visa system. In particular, I appreciate that I can enter all of my family''s passport details (one after another) before I proceed to the payment/finalization stage. It''s nice to be able to pay for all the visas at the same time.

Rachel (USA)

Very fast and convenient. I should have used this on-line feature from the 1st time i applied for etourist Visa to India. Thank you for providing this. Hoping that other countries would have this as well.

linleeyan (Luxembourg)

This e Tourist India visa application was definitely a 5 star experience. We are now looking forward to experiencing a 5 star experience in India! :)

Karen Murphy (Philippines)

Very simple process; easy to understand. English is very accurate; no guessing about what is intended. Colored button navigation is good; font is easy to read. Drop-downs are excellent in terms of entering dates. I travel frequently and this is a very good e-visa India system.

Terry Redden (Australia)

The website is very professional and elegant. The e-visa India process was very smooth and efficient. I will recommend this to all my friends and coworkers who plan on visiting India!

Paolo Mauro (Fiji)

Very quick, simple and clean interface, I don''t know how it could possibly be better than this and I build sites like this for a living. Well done, a pleasure to use.

Luciano F Mauro (Kenya)

Website is clear and guides the user through the process. e-mails are generated and received quickly

Liana Mauro (USA)

First in class service that must become standard globally. Thanks for setting the pace!

Kim Walter (Luxembourg)

The best service I ever experienced!!!! Thank you so much for setting up such a wonderful e-visa India service for everyone who likes to visit the beautiful India!!!

Eva Schiffer (Germany)

Hello, I am just writing to praise how easy and inviting this eTA India visa service is. This website and the ease of process make it look like you really want people to visit your country. Most visa processes of other countries look like they are trying to keep you out and make it difficult. Thanks for making me feel welcome. Kind regards Eva Schiffer

Barb Walter (Cambodia)

A wonderful and efficient online Visa service. Why can''t other visa applications be as painless as this. congratulations

Samaratunga (Sri Lanka)

I must confess that it is the smoothest and fastest way for a foreigner to get an e visa online. A great way to welcome tourists. I am sure my family would enjoy their visit to India. I would like to thank Government of India for making the visa application process so simple and easy.

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I wish all visa applications were as clear, quick, easy and simple as yours. Excellent job, India!

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The experience was excellent. I just got my e-visa within 24 hours. Its unbelievable!! Keep up the good work. Hope to have similar fantastic experience in India!

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Excellent - quick, easy, very well explained. I wish all websites were like this. And I am very excited about my fist visit to India!

Jacky Jee (USA)

This is one of the best e-visa websites I have visited. Very clear and concise instructions. Clean and neat design. I had no problems with navigating or understanding the directions and completing the required information. Good job!

Dennis (Anguilla)

I like the way in which calender dates are entered! filling out is very simple with good information on each field. No suggestions from my side - every thing works fine!

Brian (Antigua & Barbuda)

This is quite simply highly professional and ahead of every other country I''ve visited in my 43 years on this earth. Well done ETA India - my first destination for a summer break!

Mereiro (Australia)

Extremely easy to use and very user friendly. Straight forward in its application. I felt very comfortable and secure using this program.

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I cannot believe how easy and efficient the visa application is. Well done, excellent service!

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Fantastic service ! As a professional who travels a lot to academic conferences and meetings, I appreciate your online e-Visa. It is brilliantly designed, organized, and delivered. Thank you!

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Wonderful way to get a Visa to India without going to the embassy or sending our passports through the mail. Thank you!

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As a travel professional its a wonderful concept, it makes travel without boundaries a reality, i wish we had more such visa portals with best wishes to all - have great year with lots of tourist visit India.

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Hello! Well done. I''ve done many applications for Visas over time and the new India Visa is one of the easiest and most straightforward. Hopefully this saves time and money at the airport. Good job. Thank you and I look forward to visiting India again. Regards, Dan K

Pramal Desoz (USA)

Most efficient. Very fast. Most convenient. One of the best experiences for getting a tourist visa. Congratulations. As opposed to other countries where it is difficult, lengthy, costly and inconvenient. Congratulations for implementing such a great system. We look forward to our India visit.

REBAS UMAR (UK) Very easy to navigate, just the right level of security, overall an excellent site.


The most straight forward, easy to use Indian online visa application I have experienced. Thank you.


This is website is super awesome. It is very useful, helpful and user friendly even for beginner. It has all the instruction in every step. Wonderful, thumbs up for you! Thank you very much ETA India for providing this Service.


Wow, you have the best Indian e-visa website in the world! I''ve never before seen such a user-friendly service from any government agency. Even the little calendar pop-up was simple and logical. Congratulations, this sets a new worldwide standard for quick and easy web-based services.


unbelievable. At first, I was expecting that so many attachments, information will be required, but it''s nothing like that at all. Great work ETA India E-visa service, no doubt why people loves to visit India :-)


The e-visa application service provided by the is smooth, very effective, user-friendly and faster than light! My visa appeared afterpayment verification,which was absolutely awesome! As awesome as the Republic of India :-D

Indian Visa from Albania

Indian eVisa Requirements for Albania Citizens

There are plenty of reasons to visit India – be it mountains or plains, beaches or backwaters, wildlife tours or adventure activities, secluded islands or bustling metropolitan, culinary delights or local drinks, spiritual holidays, or romantic vacations.Getting an India visa for Albanians is more convenient than ever. Previously, you had to take a trip to the Indian embassy to get this document, but nowadays, you can do all that from the comfort of home.The people of Albania have an abiding interest in Indian culture, dances, and films.

Designated Airports and Seaports for the Albania Citizen With an India Visa:

The following is a list of 28 airports and five designated seaports from where an Albania national can enter India when in possession of a valid electronic visa:

Airports: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bag Dogra, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kannur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Port Blair, Pune, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi, and Visakhapatnam.

Seaports: Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

Famous places in India Albania nationals enjoy visiting:

Some of the best tourist destinations in India are:

• Kolkata, West Bengal
• Goa
• TajMahal, Uttar Pradesh
• Maharashtra
• Park Street, Kolkata, West Bengal
• Jammu and Kashmir
• Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
• Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
• Andaman and Nicobar
• Enjoy a bird's eye view of Jaipur
• Prabalmachi Camping and Trekking Visit a Spice Plantation, Kerala
• The Red Fort, Delhi
• Old Goa
• Lake Palace, Udaipur

Relations between India and Albania

Bilateral relations between India and Albania are cordial and friendly. Mother Teresa is a crucial bond between the two countries. The International Airport in Tirana is named after Mother Teresa, an Albanian national icon. Both of these countries are ready to increase cooperation with Indian investment in the energy sector like oil and gas

Famous cuisines and beverages of India:

• MisalPav - Maharashtra
• Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag - Punjab
• KoshaMangsho - West Bengal
• Dhokla - Gujarat
• Rogan Josh - Kashmir
• Pongal - Tamil Nadu
• Papaya Khar - Assam
• LittiChokha - Bihar
• Dhaam - Himachal Pradesh
• Hyderabadi Biryani –Telangana
• DaalBhaatiChurma– Rajasthan
• Momos– Sikkim

The temperament of Indians:

Cheerful, welcoming, warm-hearted, and sympathetic.

1. Indian e-Visa for the Albania citizens

From the day e-Visa in India was introduced, the Indian e-Visa has been a top, best, safest, and fastest choice for visitors to travel for a short time in India because of its convenience and, more importantly, the total fee for this visa type is a lot cheaper than the casual one.

Mainly, there are four most common types of e-Visa you need to know:

• Tourist e-Visa: For one month from the date of your entry,once you enter India, you cannot leave and go back because this type is single-entry. You can stay in the Republic of India for tourism or visit family and friends.
• Business e-Visa: allows you to stay one year from the date of granting and enter multiple times.
• Medical e-Visa: you can stay in India for two months and enter three times.
• Conference e-Visa: You can stay in India for one month with a single entry.

When Albania Citizens receivean e-visa, they must also bring a copy when traveling because it must be produced to Indian Immigration and Border Control officers upon arrival.

2. Indian e Visa requirements for Albania citizens:

There are specific guidelines and requirements for Albania nationals that are simple and should be prepared before submitting an online registration form for an Indian Online visa:

• A copy of your Albania passport must be valid six (06) months from entry into the Republic of India, with at least two blank stamp pages.
• A current passport-sized photo of your face with a transparent background.
• Recommended: Travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, invitation letter, return/onward ticket, business card, and all these documents will be required in specific cases, depending on the type of e-Visa you want.
• An available and frequently used to receive your e-Visa result.

Succeeding that, applicants from the Republic of Albania must complete an online application. They must submit the following simple information: Name, date of birth, gender, nationality, contact information, passport number, and trip information. We request you to please remember that the email address you provide must be authorized and that you will check it frequently to receive updates on your India Online Visa.

Any other requirements needed for completing your application will be enlightened by our experts so that you no longer need to worry about how to meet these requirements.

3. Apply for an Indian e-Visa as a citizen from Albania

There are four essential steps to be completed to attain an Indian e-Visa for Albania nationals:

• Step 1: to obtain your Indian online Visa, you must fill out the application form available on our website. In that form, you have to choose the type of e-Visa and the processing time you need. You will also need to provide personal information and passport details.
• Step 2: once you submit the form, you must pay an Indian e-Visa reasonable fee payment online. Then, you can check your email for updates or information from the site. If needed, additional documentation may be requested.
• Step 3: Check your email for updates about the progress of your India visa application, as the processing time is determined by the kind of processing time you specified. After the approval, applicants must complete the following steps: Get your e-Visa printed before you leave for India.

Get your e-Visa printed before you leave for India.
When you arrive in India, ensure that you have all the documents mentioned above ready to show your visa to the immigration agents.
• Step 4: Obtain a stamp on your Indian visa from immigration at the airport or port.
Once you receive your Indian visa stamp, you are ready to depart!

4. Indian e-Visa Fee for Albania Citizens

Initially, the applicant from Albania will pay the government fee, which the Indian Government requires, and the service fee as remuneration for simplifying your process to obtain an Indian e-Visa quickly, easily, and securely.

• Normal: used in most cases when you have enough time for preparation and wait for a response. With this option, you can get your e-Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 3 business days.
• Urgent: used in exceptional cases when you have a little time for all processes. You can get your e-Visa in a guaranteed maximum of 24 hours.
• Super Urgent: in emergencies when you need to get your e-Visa in hours. With this option, our experts will support you to get your approved e-Visa as soon as possible.

Moreover, you are recommended to buy COVID-19 insurance to benefit both finances and e-Visa approval. We also supply some other add-on services to help you improve your experience in India.

Electronic transactions and wire transfers are accepted to make payment for the final step. You can choose from various selections, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, or PayPal.

What you must know when visiting India on an Indian visa:

• Avoid talking more to people about suspicious and unknown organizations or agencies
• Don’t, especially after sunset, go to unlit or dark areas alone, especially for girls.
• Avoid giving money or food to monks, clerics, or beggars coming to you for it; you should ignore and stay from them, as they can be thieves or snatchers.
• Don’t eat oily and fried food during your visit, as it may lead to digestive issues.
• Pick the season before visiting India for your convenience because some Indian places are scorching, cold, and rainy.
• Always keep your valid Indian visa in your pocket or purse to show it when asked.
• Never forget to keep some cash in your pocket because most small shopkeepers and rural people accept only cash.
• Given the strict cultural beliefs of Indians, never hug or kiss your better half publicly or in family restaurants. An, wear modest clothes when visiting religious places, shrines, etc.
• Don’t forget to put off your shoes or sleepers before entering religious places.
• Stay in only widely-known and registered places with reliable, clean records and security systems.